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Choosing The Right Personal Trainer

In my last blog I was talking about why you should get a personal trainer, now I’m going to talk about how to pick the right personal trainer. Again, this is NOT a sales pitch! So you’ve found out what your goals are and you’re ready to find a trainer, just like anything you’re not going to give your money or time to just anyone so making that right choice is vital! When researching, you want to make sure that the trainer is passionate, not just for the money.
By figuring this out you will know by their posts, are they just doing selfies of their body every other day or are they giving the information and knowledge that they have on their social media such as workout videos/pictures, giving tips on form, showing their clients progress etc. This is probably the most obvious but not so obvious one; yeah they may look good and have a great body but not nesesarrily have your best intentions at hand . This will come to life the more you train with them, are they there on time? Are they ready to train you and put in as much effort to make every session better than the last? Or are they strolling in late or just as the session is about to start, they spend most of their time on their phones or just even look like they don’t want to be there? That is a big warning sign to just leave and not go back! One thing you always want to have with a trainer which I think is most important is that you need to get on with them. You want to have a great relationship with your trainer or you’re just not going to want to go back. You should never do something if you keep trying to talk yourself out of it so think of a trainer as in meeting up with a friend while they try to get the best out of you!

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