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Training With Henry James

What to expect when you come train with me? Results.
Every session with every single one of my clients I aim to get 100% from each one of them, whether you’ve been with me for a year or a week, I’ll find out how hard I can push you, where you won’t hate it so much you won’t want to come back but where you will feel satisfied and definitely leave knowing you had an awesome workout, and a laugh at the same time.

In my session’s you choose what you want! whether it may be just boxing, functional training, or a mixture of them both! in my opinion you have the choice of how you want to spend that hour! There is not one way you have to train to get fit or lose weight which you’ll find so many people will believe!

You could walk every day, and still lose weight, it’s about finding what you enjoy and sticking to that!
I’m so passionate about people getting into fitness I want everyone to find something that they will enjoy whether it’s boxing with me, lifting weights in a gym, running, swimming, there’s something for everybody!

Another important thing you will learn about training with me is how easy going I am, where you won’t feel like you have to live a life where you have to see how much your food weighs before you eat it and hit some sort of calorie deficit, nope I’m all for living your best life, and taking one step at a time, enjoying the process together as a team not just as a client.

So, if you want to work hard, have a good laugh hit me up or if you need help finding someone else to train with if that’s not your cup of tea (we’re all different) then I’ll still point you in the right direction of some quality trainers I know!


Trust The System!

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