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2 Tips too Living A Stress Free Life!

One of the biggest killers in the world is stress! The amount of damage it can do to you mentally, physically and emotionally is mad! It can cause migraines, insomnia, depression and heart attacks and more!

The thing is with stress, it’s very easy to incur. It can arise from work, money, family- so much can cause stress making it extremely hard to avoid

For me, it’s important to learn how to manage stress effectively especially running my own business things can get on top of me very easily! However I’ve definitely learnt how to minimise stress in my every day life!

My number one tip would be organisation. Organisation is key! There’s nothing worse than trying to find an item of clothing underneath a massive pile of clothes or you’re about to work at your desk with piles of work everywhere. The way I conquer this is by taking that extra time out of my busy day to make sure I organise all my things so that I don’t get myself all stressed searching for things!

My second tip would be to find time to exercise! It’s always important to exercise not just for your physical health but your mental health. No matter the duration of the session, by getting that heart pumping and breaking a sweat you will feel 110% better! No one ever works out and regrets it! Exercise can work out as a form of meditation- block out that stressful situation that’s occurring and focus an hour on yourself!

These two simple tips help me to feel less stressed throughout the day! Remember, we only have one life and if you’re living it unhappy then you need to sort your shit out today!

Trust The System!

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