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Exercise Because You Love Your Body Not Because You Hate It!

When people make the active decision to improve their fitness, it seems the biggest reason is that they ‘hate the way they look’. Because of this, they want to make this change but it’s for the wrong reason. You end up booking in for sessions that you hate, punishing yourself with workouts in the gym because you hate how ‘big’ you are to then go home and eat a meal you’ve been dreading all day! You then jump on the scales hoping for a big loss but it’s either a pound or nothing at all! Then that’s it! Day ruined!

After doing the same dreaded routine, missing out on social events with friends and family because you can’t possibly eat or drink anything ‘bad’ you start to see results and you’re buzzing! Now you’ve reached your goal, you start to skip the gym sessions you hate, and ease up on the rabbit food. Now you’re back to square one of hating your body again!

Vicious cycle yes? It’s not possible to sustain that lifestyle with that frame of mind! Instead of enjoying the process of changing yourself, you hated it and it became a constant punishment. You went to certain classes because they were intense but you hated every second of it. You ate loads of healthy food without letting yourself have a treat. You have to look at the situation and think ‘why am I making myself unhappy to make me happy?’ It’s all about making small adjustments, finding things that work for YOU and just enjoying the process. If you’re happy, it’s more likely to be sustainable! There’s not one way to get fit and healthy, find what works best for you!

Trust the system!

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