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Are You Really That Motivated?

Are you the type of person that likes to tell people what you’re going to do and that you’re the most motivated person on the planet? But are you actually? So many people talk about how they want this, and they want that, but don’t actually do anything to get it? People enjoy the idea of getting this successful business, or being the best at what they do, or even saying how they’re going to get shredded.

Now as nice as it is to think you’re going to do it, doing it is the hard part. Now if you want to successfully build a business or look a certain way, you have to go for it, so many people I see spend so much of their time talking about how they’re this and that when actually they’re not, some people genuinely don’t seem to want to put the time in to get what they want, they would rather sit around, feel sorry for themselves and wait for it to come to them. The one thing my dad says to me is you can either wait for it to happen and it won’t, or you go out and get it!

A lot of people will actually lose motivation because of setbacks or even not being where they want to be straight away. But unfortunately, that’s life, there will be set backs, there will be people in your way to try and stop you, and it will take a long time, you just have to look at all the successful people in life, they all had been told no, it took them all along time to succeed, but what they did was just persevered and got on with it, you need to just do it! Don’t give up after the first hurdle, get over it and start again! And trust me no matter what you will get there!


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