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Hi, I'm Henry James

I’m an international boxing and fitness trainer based in London, where I specialise in boxing for fitness! I also love to incorporate other training methods which make every session I do different to what anyone else is doing!

I’ve been a trainer for around 3 years but have been working out and boxing pretty much my whole life, which ended up with me becoming Welsh Boxing Champion! Unfortunately due to injury I was unable to continue. I didn’t want to give up my passion so thought I’d do the next best thing and train people and change their lives!

Since making that decision I’ve trained alongside some of the best trainers that Los Angeles and London have to offer! From that I gained so much experience and that has helped me become 2018 fitness business of the year!

What makes me stand out from any other trainer would be my mitt work, as it doesn’t only give you an incredible workout but makes you leave feeling like a machine!  With this skill I’ve held mitts and worked with many celebrities and athletes such as Callum Johnson, Mick Conlan, Frank Grillo, Brendan Scaeub and so on..

Trust The System

See you in class!

I’m a ‘Premier Global NASM Certified Trainer’ which is one of the most recognised personal training courses in the world! I’ve also got many qualifications such as Box n Burn, YMCA FIT and Hatton Academy!