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When people make the active decision to improve their fitness, it seems the biggest reason is that they ‘hate the way they look’. Because of this, they want to make this change but it’s for the wrong reason. You end

One of the biggest killers in the world is stress! The amount of damage it can do to you mentally, physically and emotionally is mad! It can cause migraines, insomnia, depression and heart attacks and more! The thing is with stress,

We’re a month into the new year with the majority of people having resolutions such as losing weight. What do people tend to do when they’re trying to lose weight? They go on a diet! Some individuals will look everywhere

What to expect when you come train with me? Results. Every session with every single one of my clients I aim to get 100% from each one of them, whether you’ve been with me for a year or a week, I’ll

So it’s 2019 and wow, eating healthy has never been easier! But just like everything that can be beneficial there are negatives because there’s easier alternatives. Here’s a few things that I hear so much about eating healthy and I’m pretty

In my last blog I was talking about why you should get a personal trainer, now I’m going to talk about how to pick the right personal trainer. Again, this is NOT a sales pitch! So you’ve found out what

This isn’t a sales pitch just a general opinion. Do you go to the gym and have no clue what you’re doing? Don’t know where to start? Got aims but have no clue how to get there? Sound similar? Then

Why did you want to start something? Build a business, get fit and healthy or even your university course. Motivation always takes a dip when you spend some time on that thing you are doing. An example, you want to

Two years before I started my business, I did everything for free! I even paid to help out in certain gyms, just for the experience! Many people nowadays won’t do anything unless they’re getting paid. I think that’s absolutely ridiculous! Surely

When growing up, I’d always hear the quote ‘never meet your idol’ being chucked about. Whenever I asked them why, they’d respond with “They aren’t who you think they are” and “You’ll be left disappointed”. However it never deterred me