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  • Are you the type of person that likes to tell people what you’re going to do and that you’re the most motivated person on the planet? But are you actually? So many people talk about how they want this, and they want that, but don’t actually do anything to get it? People enjoy the idea of getting this successful business, or being the best at what they do, or even saying how they’re going to get shredded. Now as nice as it is to think you’re going to do it, doing

  • When people make the active decision to improve their fitness, it seems the biggest reason is that they ‘hate the way they look’. Because of this, they want to make this change but it’s for the wrong reason. You end up booking in for sessions that you hate, punishing yourself with workouts in the gym because you hate how ‘big’ you are to then go home and eat a meal you’ve been dreading all day! You then jump on the scales hoping for a big loss but it’s either a

  • One of the biggest killers in the world is stress! The amount of damage it can do to you mentally, physically and emotionally is mad! It can cause migraines, insomnia, depression and heart attacks and more! The thing is with stress, it’s very easy to incur. It can arise from work, money, family- so much can cause stress making it extremely hard to avoid For me, it’s important to learn how to manage stress effectively especially running my own business things can get on top of me very easily! However I’ve definitely

  • What to expect when you come train with me? Results. Every session with every single one of my clients I aim to get 100% from each one of them, whether you’ve been with me for a year or a week, I’ll find out how hard I can push you, where you won’t hate it so much you won’t want to come back but where you will feel satisfied and definitely leave knowing you had an awesome workout, and a laugh at the same time. In my session’s you choose what you want!

  • In my last blog I was talking about why you should get a personal trainer, now I’m going to talk about how to pick the right personal trainer. Again, this is NOT a sales pitch! So you’ve found out what your goals are and you’re ready to find a trainer, just like anything you’re not going to give your money or time to just anyone so making that right choice is vital! When researching, you want to make sure that the trainer is passionate, not just for the money. By figuring

  • This isn’t a sales pitch just a general opinion. Do you go to the gym and have no clue what you’re doing? Don’t know where to start? Got aims but have no clue how to get there? Sound similar? Then I would highly recommend getting a personal trainer. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time in the gym with a good structure that someone else has prepared for you. They’ll be able to watch over you and make sure you’re not doing any incorrect technqiues, find more ways to make exercising enjoyable